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Our Brand

We are on a mission of empowering women, worldwide by giving them confidence in their own sense of fashion and style. Kelly Felder is a bold, progressive fashion brand inspired by real realistic aims and objectives. Everything we design, create and promote is influenced by our customers as well as with positive global influences like social media, street style, and popular cultures, creating a brand which encompasses everything it means to be a woman on the go, in dynamic the world today.

Our Product

We create looks designed by our in-house talent which are made to equip millennial women with fashion to conquer all phases of life. As we aim to empower women, worldwide by providing extraordinary styles and designs at an affordable price. It’s not just fast fashion - its rapid fashion. We constantly provide our angels with new, alluring collections and styles in the form of ready-to-go outfits. Established in 2007, Kelly Felder has risen through the extremely competitive ranks in the Fashion industry of the Island to be the leading fashion brand in the Island that single handedly caters to any and all fashion related requirements of every woman.

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